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GleamTech.DocumentUltimate.AspNet Namespace

This is a sub-namespace of this library for web use, it extends the core namespace to support ASP.NET and handles caching for DocumentViewer.

The main classes in this namespace are:

Public classCode exampleDocumentCache
Provides methods for handling caching of documents.
Public classDocumentCacheInfo
Represents the cache information for a document.
Public classDocumentHandlerParameters
Represents a name-value collection of parameters to be used with IDocumentHandler.
Public classCode exampleDocumentInfo
Represents the result of GetInfo(String, DocumentHandlerParameters) method.
Public classDocumentOptions
Represents document options of DocumentViewer for pre-caching.
Public classCode exampleDocumentSource
Defines a document that can be loaded either from a stream or a byte array. This class is a convenient alternative to IDocumentHandler interface which requires the developer to maintain the state. However with this class you can load a stream or a byte array that is only available in the context of your host page. IDocumentHandler is more robust but this class is easier to use. Note that your stream or byte array will be copied to the cache folder if not already exists when you load via DocumentSource because DocumentViewer needs to access your document out of the context of the host page (i.e. serialization is needed).
Public classDocumentUltimateWebConfiguration
Provides properties and methods for changing this library's configuration for web use.
Public interfaceCode exampleIDocumentHandler
Represents an object for handling of the input files in DocumentViewer. Implement this interface to provide a custom way of loading the input files.