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FileManagerAccessControl Class

Defines an access control for a folder inside a root folder.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  GleamTech.FileUltimate.AspNet.UI
Assembly:  GleamTech.FileUltimate (in GleamTech.FileUltimate.dll) Version:
public sealed class FileManagerAccessControl : UniqueKeyedItem<FileManagerAccessControl>

The FileManagerAccessControl type exposes the following members.

Public methodFileManagerAccessControl
Initializes a new instance of the FileManagerAccessControl class
Public propertyAllowedFileTypes
Gets or sets the file patterns that are allowed. This property restricts all actions (List, Delete, Rename, Copy, Move, Extract, Compress, Download and Upload). This means only allowed file types will be visible and manageable in the file list. If omitted, any file type (ie. *) is allowed. When combining patterns, they should be separated by vertical bar (|).

In a pattern, you can use these wildcards:

  • * matches zero or more characters.
  • ? matches exactly one character.

Some pattern examples:

  • *.* matches files with any extension (does not match files without an extension)
  • *.jpg matches files only with jpg extension
  • picture*.jpg matches files only with jpg extension and which names start with 'picture'
  • picture.* matches files with any extension and which names start with 'picture'
  • picture matches files with no extension and which names are exactly 'picture'
  • *.jp* matches files like 'picture.jpg', 'otherpicture.jpe', 'somepicture.jpeg' etc.
  • *.jp? matches files like 'picture.jpg', 'otherpicture.jpe' etc.
  • picture?.jpg matches files like 'picture1.jpg', 'picture2.jpg', 'pictures.jpg' etc.

Public propertyAllowedPermissions
Gets or sets the permission types that are allowed. Permission types are ListSubfolders, ListFiles, Create, Delete, Rename, Edit, Upload, Download, Compress, Extract, Cut, Copy, Paste, Preview, Print and Full (includes all permissions) and ReadOnly (includes only ListSubfolders, ListFiles, Download, Copy). When combining permissions, they should be separated by comma. If omitted, all permissions will be considered denied.
Public propertyDeniedFileTypes
Gets or sets specifies the file patterns that are denied. Denied patterns take precedence over allowed patterns.
Public propertyDeniedPermissions
Gets or sets the permission types that are denied. Denied permissions take precedence over allowed permissions. For instance, when AllowedPermissions is set to Full and DeniedPermissions is set to Upload, Download, all permission except Upload and Download will be allowed.
Public propertyLimitDiskUsage
Gets or sets a value that specifies whether to override the quota setting of the parent folder, i.e. when you need unlimited disk space in a subfolder of a parent folder with limited disk space. When Quota property is set, LimitDiskUsage is set to true implicitly.
Public propertyPath
Gets or sets the relative path of a root folder where this access control will be applied to. For instance, to apply the access control to the root level, the value should be set to \. To apply the access control to a subfolder named subfolder1, the value should be set to \subfolder1. This property can not be empty and should start with backslash (\) or forward slash (/). By default, a subfolder inherits from first parent with an access control unless there is an explicit access control for that subfolder.

You can also use these wildcards in a path:

  • The ? wildcard character matches a single character.
  • The * wildcard character matches zero or more characters.
  • The ** wildcard character sequence matches a partial path.

For example, if you set Path="\**\*MatchMe*", this access control will appy to the folders containing MatchMe keyword in name under both root folder and under root folder's all subfolders (recursive).
Public propertyQuota
Gets or sets the quota limit. It can be set in <Number> B/KB/MB/GB/TB format (eg. 1024 or 1024 B, 200 KB, 30 MB, 5 GB, 1 TB). If omitted, the quota will be unlimited.
Public fieldStatic memberRoot
Public fieldStatic memberSeparator
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