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Adding references to FileUltimate assemblies

To add references to FileUltimate assemblies in your project, do either of the following in Visual Studio:

  • Right-click References of you project and click Add Reference...

    In the Reference Manager window, browse and add GleamTech.Core.dll and GleamTech.FileUltimate.dll found in "Bin" folder of package which you already downloaded and extracted.

    Tip Tip

    The other DLLs in the same folder, i.e. GleamTech.ImageUltimate.dll, GleamTech.VideoUltimate.dll and GleamTech.DocumentUltimate.dll are assemblies that FileUltimate depends on for some of the features. They are separate assemblies as they are also standalone products with the same names. MSbuild or Visual Studio will automatically copy these 3 DLLs along with the main referenced assembly GleamTech.FileUltimate.dll to your bin folder during build so they don't need to be referenced directly (unless you are using these products separately in the same project and you have a license for them). Note that even without these 3 DLLs, FileUltimate will work but it will just turn off the corresponding features such as generating image or video thumbnails or the document viewer. So with this modular approach, you can opt-out of the features you do not need by excluding the corresponding DLL, i.e. MSBuild or Visual Studio would automatically copy a dependency only if that DLL is found in the same folder as the main referenced DLL so you can simply delete a DLL in the extracted folder to opt-out.

  • Or install NuGet package and add references automatically via NuGet Package Manager in Visual Studio: Go to Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console and run this command:

    Install-Package FileUltimate -Source

    If you prefer using the user interface when working with NuGet, you can also install the package this way:

    1. GleamTech has its own NuGet feed so first you need to add this feed to be able to find GleamTech's packages. Go to Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Settings and then click the + button to add a new package source. Enter GleamTech in Name field and in Source field and click OK.

    2. Go to Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Manage NuGet Packages for Solution, select GleamTech or All in the Package source dropdown on the top right. Now enter FileUltimate in the search field, and click Install button on the found package.

    Tip Tip

    We also publish to official site and if you want to install from there, run this command:

    Install-Package FileUltimate.NuGetOrg

    As you would notice our package names have .NuGetOrg suffix on official site.