GleamTech.DocumentUltimate.AspNet.UI Namespace

This is a sub-namespace of this library which contains the DocumentViewer component and related classes.

The main classes in this namespace are:


DocumentOptions Represents options for a document loaded in the document viewer.

You can specify document format, password, watermarks, attachments etc.

DocumentViewer The ASP.NET component for viewing several formats of documents.
DocumentViewerClientEvents Defines the client-side events handlers of the document viewer.
DocumentViewerExceptionThe exception that is thrown when there is an error in DocumentViewer.
DocumentViewerPrintOptions Represents print options of the document viewer.

The options will be reflected as default values on the print dialog of the document viewer.

DocumentViewerSearchOptions Represents text search options of the document viewer.

If you specify a search term, an automatic search will be done when the document is displayed, i.e. the specified term will be searched and results with clickable positions will be listed on the left pane and the term will be highlighted in the pages. For example, if you launch the document viewer from a search results page, you can pass the same search term to the document viewer.


DocumentViewerCursorTool Defines possible cursor tools in the document viewer.
DocumentViewerMatchOptions Defines possible match options for text search in the document viewer.
DocumentViewerMobileMode Defines modes which specify on which mobile device type to use large UI sizing for the document viewer.
DocumentViewerPageFitMode Defines possible modes for fitting pages in the document viewer.
DocumentViewerPageLayoutMode Defines possible modes for placing pages in the document viewer.
DocumentViewerPageRotationModeDefines possible modes for rotating pages to in the document viewer.
DocumentViewerPermissionsDefines the document viewer permissions.

When combining permissions, they should be separated by comma in string and by bitwise 'or' operator in code (| in C# and OR in VB).

DocumentViewerRotationModeDefines possible modes for rotating pages to in the document viewer.
DocumentViewerScrollMode Defines possible modes for scrolling pages in the document viewer.
DocumentViewerSidebarView Defines possible views in sidebar of the document viewer.
DocumentViewerSpreadMode Defines possible modes for spreading pages in the document viewer.
DocumentViewerZoomMode Defines possible modes for zooming pages in the document viewer.