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GleamTech.DocumentUltimate.AspNet.UI Namespace

This is a sub-namespace of this library which contains the DocumentViewer component and related classes.

The main classes in this namespace are:

  • DocumentViewer is the ASP.NET component for viewing several formats of documents.
Public classDocumentViewer
The component for viewing several formats of documents.
Public classDocumentViewerClientEvents
Defines the client-side events handlers of DocumentViewer.
Public classDocumentViewerState
Represents DocumentViewer state.
Public classPrintOptions
Represents print options of the viewer.
Public classSearchOptions
Represents text search options of the viewer.
Public enumerationDocumentViewerPermissions
Defines the the document viewer permissions.
Public enumerationFitMode
Defines possible modes for fitting pages to the viewer.
Public enumerationLayoutMode
Defines possible modes for placing pages within the viewer.
Public enumerationMatchOptions
Defines posible match options for text search in the viewer.
Public enumerationMobileMode
Defines modes which specify mobile device types to use mobile document viewer on.