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DocumentViewerPermissions Enumeration

Defines the document viewer permissions.

Namespace:  GleamTech.DocumentUltimate.AspNet.UI
Assembly:  GleamTech.DocumentUltimate (in GleamTech.DocumentUltimate.dll) Version: 5.9.0
public enum DocumentViewerPermissions
  Member nameDescription
None None of the permissions (unset).
Download Ability to download the original document. Downloading can be disabled for security (DRM) purpose.
DownloadAsPdf Ability to download a PDF version of the original document . Downloading as PDF can be disabled for additional security (DRM) purpose.
Print Ability to print the displayed document Printing can be disabled for additional security (DRM) purpose.
SelectText Ability to select and copy text in the displayed document Text selection can be disabled for additional security (DRM) purpose.
NavigatePages Ability to navigate pages, e.g. next page, previous page and jump to page.
NavigateHistory Ability to navigate UI history, e.g. go back and go forward.
Zoom Ability to zoom in or out of the document.
Pan Ability to pan the document.
ChangeFitMode Ability to change fit mode of the document, e.g. fit width and fit page.
ChangeLayoutMode Ability to change layout mode of the document, e.g. continuous, facing etc.
Rotate Ability to rotate the page or document, e.g. rotate clockwise and rotate counterclockwise.
Find Ability to find text (simple search) within the document.
GoFullScreen Ability to switch the document viewer to full screen.
ViewThumbnails Ability to view thumbnails for the document pages.
ViewBookmarks Ability to view bookmarks/outlines of the document.
Search Ability to search text (advanced search) within the document.
ViewAnnotations Ability to view annotations of the document.
FillForms Ability to fill values into form fields of the document.
ViewAttachments Ability to view attachments of the document.
All All the permissions combined.
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